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Santo Antonio Golf

Golf St Antonio , ex Parque da Floresta , is situated near the fishing village of Salema, near Sagres - one of the most important places in Portuguese and European history - and close to the Costa Vicentina nature reserve.

A hilly course, with sharply sloping fairways, several blind shots, and greens on hill tops, creating a strange but very pleasant effect, perfectly integrated into the landscape. As for playing the course, we feel that it becomes too tired sometimes unappealing to golfers who are not so young.

Holes: 18. Par 71

Includes Buggy: No
Handicap for Men: 28
Handicap for Women: 36

Technical Details

Undulated: Severe slopes on and across most fairways, rarely a flat lie

Dog Legs: Several holes

Tree Lined: With Pines

Buggy Recommended: Essential

Water hazards: Defined and can be seen

Parkland: Mixture of Heath and Parkland

Signature Hole: 11th

Comments: A demanding course for all handicaps, fairly priced


Holes: 18 / Par: 71

Whites Lenght: 5587 m / 6146 yd

Yellows Lenght: 5191 m / 5710 yd

Reds Lenght: 4532 m / 4985 yd

Greens: Bent Grass

Fairways: Bermuda

Tees: Bermuda

Handicap: Gents < 28  |  Ladies < 36


Founded: 1987

Architect: Pepe Gancedo

Proprietor: The Vigia Group

Director: Alan Hodson

Professional: Alan Bateman,Ben Frost

Green Keeper: Vitor Pinheiro,Nelson Candeias

Main events on this course:
· Henry Cooper Charity Golf Classic - 1999
· David Seamen Safe Charity Golf Classic
· PGA Europro Tour

Directions: Via Infante (A22) - Drive west and take the Sagres Exit-1. After leaving the motorway the second roundabout joins with the Road EN 125. Bear to the right and follow the traffic towards Sagres. Keep going and in time you pass the village of Budens on the right. At the next traffic lights on the right hand side is the entrance to the course.

GPS: Lat: 37° 5' 10.2" N, Lon: 8° 50' 26.79" W


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Round 18 holes35.0011st May 201930th September 2019
Round 18 holes45.0011st October 201931st October 2019
Round 18 holes45.0011st November 201929th February 2020
Round 18 holes55.0011st March 202030th April 2020
Round 18 holes45.0011st May 202030th September 2020
2 Pax 1 Buggy80.0021st May 201930th September 2019Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy115.0021st October 201931st October 2019Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy105.0021st November 201929th February 2020Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy125.0021st March 202030th April 2020Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy105.0021st May 202030th September 2020Two players, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy55.0011st May 201930th September 2019One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy75.0011st October 201931st October 2019One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy75.0011st November 201929th February 2020One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy80.0011st March 202030th April 2020One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy75.0011st May 202030th September 2020One player, one buggy.
4 Pax 2 Buggies170.0041st May 201930th September 2019
4 Pax 2 Buggies225.0041st October 201931st October 2019
4 Pax 2 Buggies210.0041st November 201929th February 2020
4 Pax 2 Buggies240.0041st March 202030th April 2020
4 Pax 2 Buggies210.0041st May 202030th September 2020

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