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Morgado Golf Course

Morgado golf course the new home of the Portuguese Open, part of the European Tour tournaments Set in a valley in the inner Algarve, between Portimão and Monchique. Morgado golf course is equally challenge for those taking their first steps in golf as for the more experienced golf player, who would like to test his technique. The scorecard shows a PAR 73, but Morgado golf course path length is attenuated by the generous width of fairways. However, less accurate strokes may be penalized by the action of one of several bunkers spread across the golf course. We can say that Morgado golf course is a golf course with the characteristics of a links - with flat fairways and Scottish inspiration bunkers - but instead of being close to the shore as traditional links, it is inserted into an area of Algarve parkland. Surrounded by the region traditional tree species, the player who visits Morgado golf course contacts with a different Algarve, calm and serene, providing the perfect setting for a memorable golf round.

Holes: 18. Par 73

Includes Buggy: No
Handicap for Men: 28
Handicap for Women: 36

Technical Details

Undulated: Rolling terrain more on the back 9

Dog Legs: Slight ones on the back 9

Exposed: Wind direction and speed play a big part in club selection

Buggy Recommended: Recommended due to back 9

Water hazards: On both 9's, but all visible

Parkland: Total

Signature Hole: 14th

Comments: Inland course, very good value for money


Holes: 18 / Par: 73

Whites Length: 6399 m / 7039 yd

Yellows Length: 5857 m / 6443 yd

Reds Length: 4824 m / 5306 yd

Greens: Penn A4

Fairways: Bermuda Tifton 419

Tees: Bermuda Tifton 419

Handicap: Gents < 28 | Ladies < 36


Founded: 2003

Architect: Russell Talley (European Golf Design)

Proprietor: Imoreguengo, Desenvolvimento e Promoção Imobiliária, SA

Director: Jorge Papa

Professional: Almerindo Sequeira

Directions: Take the road to the north from Portimão in the direction of Monchique and Silves and under the new A22 Motorway. From the access roundabout of the A22 follow the signs to Monchique and Silves. After 1.1 kms take the well signposted left turn and drive a further 1.2 kms to the west where you take a right turn into the Morgado Estate. Follow the road to the Club House. (11.8 kilometres in total).

GPS: Lat: 37° 11' 41.71" N, Lon: 8° 34' 0.65" W


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Round 18 holes65.0011st June 201915th September 2019
Round 18 holes90.00116th September 201931st October 2019
2 Pax 1 Buggy110.00229th June 201915th September 2019Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy200.00216th September 201931st October 2019Two players, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy70.00129th June 201915th September 2019One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy125.00116th September 201931st October 2019One player, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy 2 Clubsets120.00229th June 201915th September 2019Two players, one buggy and 2 Clubsets.
2 Pax 1 Buggy 2 Clubsets235.00216th September 201931st October 2019Two players, one buggy and 2 Clubsets.

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