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Isla Canela (Spain)

Isla Canela Golf course is situated within a Nature Reserve where the river Guadiana empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its beautiful location and the mild climate of the region make it an ideal destination for golfing all year around. The golf course, designed by Juan Catarineu, is successfully integrated into existing flat terrain and is very comfortable to walk. Wide fairways run between natural dunes and many trees - oranges, olives, eucalyptuses and palms- have been introduced not only to enhance the location but, by their position, to provide natural hazards. At first sight it looks like an easy golf course, but it has its hidden difficulties.

Holes: 18. Par 72

Includes Buggy: No
Handicap for Men:
Handicap for Women:

Whites Length: 6248 m / 6833 yd

Yellows Length: 5937 m / 6493 yd

Reds Length: 5169 m / 5653 yd




Handicap: Gents < | Ladies <


Founded: 1993

Architect: Juan Catarineu

Proprietor: Club de Golf Isla Canela

Directions: GPS: Lat: 37° 11' 48.11" N, Lon: 7° 23' 34.43" W


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Round 18 holes41.0011st November 201930th June 2020
Round 18 holes43.0011st July 202031st August 2020
Round 18 holes41.0011st September 202030th November 2020

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