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Algarve Balloons


With no ties, no destination and no time limitations Algarve Balloons has the pleasure in sharing this freedom. By riding the winds of the barrocal valleys in the western Algarve or the warmer breezes of the rolling hills of the Baixo Alentejo, our colourful balloons will float over breathtaking views. Travelling at the same speed as the spirits of the wind you will enjoy a sensation of unique privilege and experience absolute silence before returning back into the loving arms of mother earth.


Whether a birthday, anniversary, important occasion or even a “must do” … we promise all our passengers a wonderful time!


Balloon flights in the Algarve


Take off in the foothills of Monchique mountain and hop the barrocal hills overflying splendorous villas, megalithic sites, orange and lemon orchards. Be amazed at how much natural wild vegetation there is amongst the small cultivated fields and golf courses. The launch site is dependent on the wind direction on the day either from: Budens, Lagos, Portimão, Senhora do Verde or Silves.


Balloon flights in the Baixo Alentejo


Drift over the rolling hills of the open Alentejo countryside, were time slows down. Explore ancient buildings, skim wheat, barley, cork, olive plantations and vineyards of course. Renowned for its free range black pig farming, gastronomy and mature wine. Combined with the endless views, the Baixo Alentejo invites you to stay forever.


The launch site is dependent on the wind direction on the day either from: Alvalade, Ourique, Castro Verde or Almodovar.


Launch We meet at your allocated launch site at the agreed meeting time where passengers are invited to participate in the launch. Just as if you were flying in an aircraft the pilot will explain all the safety procedures before take off. Once the balloon is heated and you´re in… your flight adventure starts. In the air Once airborne you can relax and enjoy the landscape below. The duration of the flight is approximately one hour with an average distance of 5 to 20 km. The height is always at the pilots discretion to comply with local aviation procedures but as a guide it varies between 500ft and 3000ft above ground level. At times you may cross the crew and friends that are following below. For keen photographers make sure you have enough film. Landings Landings can be exciting and great fun as we never know where the flight will end. The pilot will take into consideration the speed and direction of the flight when he starts looking for a landing space. We do not land in crop or in fields with animals and the landing field must have access for the vehicle and trailer. You will be advised to take your landing positions as explained in safety procedures at the launch. Country Code We rely on the goodwill of landowners and therefore adhere to the Country Code. Friends and relatives who follow the balloon must not enter the field until the crew has obtained the necessary permission. Celebrations It is a very special feeling to have a balloon flight and in the tradition of ballooning, once the balloon is packed and removed from the landing field, we celebrate with a glass of bubbly and a traditional breakfast. Each passengers will also be presented with a certificate. Please advise us if you are vegetarian so we may cater accordingly. Returning to the launch site Some may wish to return with friends and relatives. Either way you will be returned to the launch field after the flight. The trip back in our off road vehicles can at times take us through interesting scenic routes which may require a pit stop or two. The whole trip can take 3-5 hours. Transport If you are staying within a 10km radius of Lagos aerodrome we can pick you up free of charge. We can arrange pick up if further afield for: Alvor – €15 Portimão – €25 Lagoa – €35 Albufeira – €45 Vilamoura – €55 Faro – €65 After the flight we can also drop you off or you may wish to enjoy Lagos and catch the bus or train back. We can also arrange for a VIP chauffeur for that ultimate luxury. Please ask us for a quote. The meteorological conditions will always determine if the flight goes ahead.



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