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Flying Floats

From the skies to the seas our Algarve floatplane flights are a one-of-a-kind experience! Flying with an experienced and CAA approved flight instructor you can enjoy spectacular coast and country views, spot dolphins from the air and, conditions permitting, experience the thrill of landing and taking off on water! You can even have a go at flying the aircraft under the pilot's supervision so this is a truly memorable way to view the Algarve and would make an ideal present for any budding pilot or keen photographer! After the floatplane flight you will receive an official personalised certificate and extra free gifts to remind you of your experience.

What is a floatplane?

A floatplane is an amphibious craft and was first used in World War 1. The small and agile two seater plane has two slender pontoons or floats that enable it to land and take off from the sea as well as on dry land.

Algarve Floatplane Flights

The floatplane flies from our base near Lagos in the west of the Algarve. Without transport? No problem, we can even arrange getting you to and from the aerodrome. A standard 1 hour Algarve floatplane flight costs 165euros and a 30 minute flight costs 115euros. Where feasible the flights can be catered to your requirements.

We will be taking off from the Aerodrome at Lagos. You can experience flying the aircraft under Dave’s supervision, to see if you are a budding pilot in the making or just enjoy the spectacular scenery whilst spotting for dolphins from the air. You will receive an official named certificate of your flight and extra free gifts to remind you of your experience! Without transport? No problem, we can even arrange getting you to and from the aerodrome.

Flying Floats!, owned and operated by Dave Norwood.





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Flying with CAA approved flight instructor Dave Norwood. Dolphin spotting from the air, to include when possible landing on the water!


Prices : 1 Hour – 165e 30 minutes - 115e


Departure times


10am -12midday, 2pm - 4pm




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