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Quinta do Vale Golf Course

The Quinta do Vale golf course, which has been designed with the interests of the adjacent property complex in mind, is sure to attract golfers of every level and is a strong candidate for hosting important international championships. Covering an area of 75 hectares, the course is fully integrated into the surrounding natural landscape, taking full advantage of the irregularities of the terrain which give a unique personality to each of the 18 holes.

The ambition with which it was designed is evident in the unusual way that the different holes balance each other out and in the singular features which complement and differentiate them: embankments, lakes, bunkers, hillocks, hollows…. A highly attractive course which is characterised by various levels of difficulty that will be a challenge to beginners and test the skill of more experienced players.

Holes: 18. Par 72

Includes Buggy: No
Handicap for Men: 28
Handicap for Women: 36

Technical Details

Undulated: Back 9

Tree Lined: Sparsely

Exposed: Very exposed on front 9

Buggy Recommended: Essential

Water hazards: Few, clearly seen for decision on lay up or not

Parkland: Park and Heathland

Signature Hole: 10th

Comments: Individually designed holes, value for money


Holes: 18 / Par: 72

Whites Length: 6206 m / 6827 yd

Yellows Length: 5756 m / 6332 yd

Reds Length: 4801 m / 5281 yd

Greens: Bentgrass L93

Fairways: Bermuda 419

Tees: Bermuda 419

Handicap: Gents < 28 | Ladies < 36


Founded: 2008

Architect: Severiano Ballesteros

Proprietor: Quinta do Vale S.A.

Director: David Vasques da Silva

Professional: Sarah Jane

Green Keeper: Luís Carrilho

Directions: GPS: Lat: 37° 14' 43.55" N, Lon: 7° 26' 54.19" W


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Round 18 holes55.00116th September 201931st October 2019
Round 18 holes45.0011st November 201929th February 2020
Round 18 holes55.0011st March 202015th May 2020
Round 18 holes45.00116th May 202015th September 2020
Round 18 holes55.00116th September 202031st October 2020
2 Pax 1 Buggy125.00216th September 201931st October 2019Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy105.0021st November 201929th February 2020Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy125.0021st March 202015th May 2020Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy105.00216th May 202015th September 2020Two players, one buggy.
2 Pax 1 Buggy125.00216th September 202031st October 2020Two players, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy80.00116th September 201931st October 2019One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy69.0011st November 201929th February 2020One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy78.0011st March 202015th May 2020One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy69.00116th May 202015th September 2020One player, one buggy.
1 Pax 1 Buggy78.00116th September 202031st October 2020One player, one buggy.
4 Pax 2 Buggies245.00416th September 201931st October 2019

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