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When I was eleven years old, my DJ career began. I loved music and decided to invite my friends to my house for a party. I set up the stereo in our garage, my friends came over, I played music all night and everyone danced. My friends had a great time. Thus DJ Mark was born. Word spread and I was asked to DJ our school dance and had my first professional DJ job at 11 years old.

In college, I took my DJ skills to the world of weddings. I was hired as a wedding DJ for a company called ABC Music. I used all genres of music as a tool to get the crowd dancing and having fun. Since every crowd is different, I learned how to read the audience and get them dancing. People relaxed and danced. I taught dances such as the Electric Slide and the YMCA and coordinated Limbo contests. As the DJ for school dances, proms, weddings, parties and other special events, I learned that all event types are unique and developed a personal approach to each.

Word spread and I was offered a DJ residency position at a local night club. There I learned how to beat mix in the club so that each song flowed smoothly into another. My biggest night was New Year’s Eve when I entertained about 1,200 people throughout the evening.

My radio broadcasting career started in London with a regular show on Choice FM 96.9. This was a station based in Brixton, south London specialising in Soul and Reggae music. I then moved to Jazz FM in London and moved back to my home town of Manchester when Jazz FM (now known as Smooth FM) started broadcasting from there also.

When I moved to The Algarve, I worked for a number of Clubs, Bars and Hotels, as well as becoming a regular presenter on Kiss FM.

Working in the event industry showed me the importance of making sure every entertainment detail is perfect. Today I use these skills to coordinate with the venue staff to make sure they are prepared for what I will be doing.

I have always worked on the premise of building a great reputation by providing outstanding entertainment in the Central Algarve. I focus on playing great music and conducting Ice Breakers to get people to the dance floor to have fun. For some years now I have been a resident presenter on Kiss FM radio, broadcasting to the whole of the Central Algarve.


I realized log ago that corporate events are as unique as the companies that they represent.  Corporate functions are a great way to build morale and motivate team members.  This is achieved through a unique mix of business and pleasure.  The key is to keep both employees and spouses entertained.

The types of companies I work with vary as much as the events themselves.  I work with everything from large corporations to small businesses.  Corporate events include picnics, award banquets, retirement parties, fundraisers, employee appreciations and much more.

I can act as a Master of Ceremonies.  I will make all announcements so your guests stay informed. I can provide wireless microphones for speeches and events to make sure you are heard.  I will be there with you every step of the way to make sure your event flows smoothly.

The entertainment provided includes both music and activities.  I play a wide variety of music and take requests so everyone will hear the music that they love and have fun.

Our music library is versatile and includes disco, rock and roll, 80′s, 90′s, r&b, hip hop and more.  We have a massive music library.  We cater the music to both young and older employees and spouses and get them dancing.  Just let us know what songs and type of music you want me to play and I will play it.

I will keep your employees entertained through great music and activities.  A corporate party with my services is a great idea for all companies both large and small.


Should I hire a Wedding DJ or use an iPod for my wedding reception? This is a question many brides and grooms ask while they are planning their wedding.  Here are some reasons why a professional wedding DJ is worth hiring.

Top 10 Reasons why a Wedding DJ can never truly be replaced by an iPod

A wedding DJ will give you expert advice based on years of experience.

DJs have massive music libraries that include all the music you and your guests love.

A DJ will make all announcements so your guests do not miss a single special moment.

Your DJ will set up and tear down the equipment allowing you more time to party.

A Wedding DJ has the flexibility to play music requests.

It is difficult to find a reliable friend to run the ipod.

Renting equipment and buying music can become as expensive as hiring a professional wedding DJ.

Wedding DJs mix one song smoothly into the next with no akward delay.

DJs are trained to read the crowd and play more of the music your guests love to dance to.

Wedding DJs add energy and excitement to your reception.  People do not remember a lot of the details after the wedding, but the one thing they will always remember is how much fun they had.

Personal Details

Name, Age, Nationality
Mark Sebastian, old enough, British.
What you really like to do on your free time
Drink vimto & watch United. 
Favourite beach in Algarve 
Vale do Lobo.

Favourite band or song?
James Brown's... its a mans mans world.

Best concert? 
Earth, wind and fire.
What would you do if you won the Euromillion? 
Take everybody on holiday to the Seychelles!
Favourite quote/sentence
«I am not a man I am Cantona.»

Contact me, Mark Sebastian on (00351) 914 487 855

Contact me, Mark Sebastian on (00351) 914 487 855