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Pestana Teaching Centre

Pestana Teaching Centre

The Teaching Centre at Pestana VilaSol offers golfers on the Algarve the opportunity to experience high quality coaching from two resident PGA Professionals with a wealth of experience between them. Popular with beginners and experienced players alike, we are qualified toteach all levels of golfer. We have European Tour experience and have worked alongside ‘Golf World’ and ‘Golf International’ teaching panellists as well as Ryder Cup stars at corporate and charity golf days. 


30 mins – €35.00

60 mins – €60.00

Joint Lessons

Add €15 for the extra adult

to the individual prices above

Family Group: 3+

(Parents + Children)

60 mins – €85

Individual Junior

(age 16 and under)

30 mins – €25

60 mins €40

Joint Junior

Add €10 for the extra child

to the individual prices above

Group: 3 or 4 adults

1 hour – €105.00

Larger groups – prices on request

2 hour Playing Lesson

Adult Individual – €120 or joint – €75 pp

Child Individual – €80 or joint – €50 pp

Lessons include range balls,

golf clubs if required and 

Green Fees with all playing Lessons


Pestana Teaching Centre enables you to relax, enjoy yourself and improve a sport you love or simply give you the chance to learn to play the wonderful game of golf for the first time.We are based at the Pestana Vila Sol Golf Resort, some of the most beautiful and tranquil surroundings in the Algarve Our Golf Schools can also be arranged anywhere in the world.


Ideal for beginners to the game of golf, this  Golf School covers all aspects of the game in a relaxed and enjoyable schedule.

Package Includes:                                                                             

  •  11/2 hr coaching session each day
  • “PlaneSWING®” golf training aid
  • Golf balls
  • Golf equipment if required
  • 3 Day – €145 per person
  • 5 day – €220 per person

Golf School Prices (minimum 2 people)



For those who have played or have taken lessons before this Golf School will allow students to further improve their skills and includes an enjoyable two hour playing lesson on the Pestana Vila Sol Academy Course.

Package Includes

  • 2hr coaching session each day
  • 2hr playing lesson on the Pestana Vila Sol Academy Course *
  • “PlaneSWING®” golf training aid
  • Golf balls
  • 3 Day – €220 per person
  • 5 Day – €330 per person

Golf School Prices: (minimum 2 people)

*Two hour playing lesson to be taken on final day in place of the scheduled two hour coaching session.

Junior Golf

Held during the holidays at Vila Sol, Junior Roll-Up provides a fun and relaxed opportunity for children to play golf within a group environment, Including coaching, clubs, balls and prizes.

Call Us: 00351917938545

Call Us: 00351917938545