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Algarve Buggy Tours

Welcome to Algarve Buggy Tours 

Algarve Buggy Tours offers you an unforgettable adventure driving a buggy. We have the thrills of motorsport and natural landscapes that only the Algarve can offer, but what we really offer you is an adventure in which you will discover places, people and traditions of this land that is much more than sun and sand!To watch a video of a recent tour please click here: 



For those who just want to drive an all –terrain buggy , or for those looking for a little more, Algarve Buggy Tours has a range of services at your disposal where you will certainly find what you are looking for!

Have you ever seen take the cork from tree? You know where you can find the famous brandy made of Arbutus considered a secular tradition? Would you like to taste lost in the hills the best regional products of the Algarve? Ever wondered how the artisans make wicker baskets, traditional puppets of Querença and traditional embroidery? Always dreamed of visiting a lost green paradise in the hills?

You are in the right place! All while driving a brand new all terrain buggy and accompanied by knowledgeable guides who places your safety always first!

Venture out to explore our website and lose yourself in the Algarve Hills!


Algarve Buggy Tours is a company brand that belong to the company Epopeia D’aventura, Lda.

We are a young and dynamic team, with 5 years experience in development of cultural tours and events all-terrain that encountered within the Algarve Hills a paradise waiting to be explored. With so much to give was impossible to resist the appeal of the Hills and we decided to create conditions to be able to share it with all those that seek more than good weather and the beach.

The people, the landscapes, traditions and regional products are the best we have to offer, because it is something unique, that we can only find in the Algarve.

Valuing what is authentic, boost the local economy and make known all the best in region through an unforgettable experience is what we propose! 

Dirt & Dust

A short but exciting tour, this is the objective of Dirt & Dust.
With greater technical difficulty because undergoes rougher than the other tours and a climb to the top of the mountain of Loulé , where you can enjoy a wonderful view over virtually the entire Algarve coast land.
With duration of approximately 60 minutes, you can feel the adrenaline to overcome several obstacles, wrapped in a landscape that you can find only in this small corner of the Algarve.

Safari Tour

The half-day tour is for those who wish to venture out to discover the real Algarve. 

Lasting about 3 hours, beyond the stunning scenery and the always pleasant passage of the river ( where you can take a dip if the weather allows) , this tour always includes a stop about 30m at a point of interest , where you can rest a little and get to know the real Algarve .
Since tasting regional products such as honey, jams and liqueurs , visits to traditional villages where you can see artisans working using the same methods of 100 years ago , this tour allows you to lift the veil a little on the rich popular culture in Algarve, combined with the thrill of driving an all terrain vehicle.

Buggy Adventure

The full day tour takes approximately 6 hours and includes lunch in a typical restaurant in the hills of the lost Cauldron(Hill name) 
his tour is about 100km and goes through various strategic points in the Algarve mountains like natural parks, river springs and can include other activities such as visiting the places where cork is extracted from tree , visiting typical villages like Cortelha , Salir , Alte , Querença and Tor , as well as the tour on the Natural Park of the Fountain of Benémola among others.
A true adventure by Algarve Hills.


If you decide to bring a group of friends or your family, you can enjoy special rates for groups, personalized service and more options. For rent 4 or more buggies you will have the choice to make a picnic near the springs of a river or activities like paintball, abseiling, climbing and others, in an adventure park located in the path of buggy tour.

We are open to suggestions and ideas of our clients so that we can offer a personalized and quality service!


Although not very high relative to sea level, the mountain is cut in several places by small rivers and streams , making it very rugged and landscapes worthy of a paradise setting .

With varied and abundant vegetation, we find different species as we pass through the steep roads of the Algarve Mountains. Since oaks, strawberry, almond, carob and not forgetting Rosemary and Thyme, aromas that fill the pure mountain air.

Fauna include species that today cannot easily see how the otter, the Iberian lynx, wild boar and eagle owl.

Inhabited since the Neolithic, still shows the marks of the passage of various people with their Antas, remains of villages, castles, watermills and windmills.

The Hills habitants, honest, hardworking, early found ways to remove the products of the land they needed for their day to day needs. Products that are now hard to find in its authentic form and are a delight for those who taste it. Honey, cheese, teas, sweets, and unique drinks such as Arbutus brandy are waiting for you!

Also traditional activities like cork extraction, collecting honey and basketry are practiced today on the hills and few have the opportunity to see it live.

This is the Algarve we want to show you!





1 person / Buggy

2 person / Buggy

Adult + child / Buggy*

Tour with Guide

Dirt & Dust






Safari Tour

3 hours





Buggy Adventure **

6 hours






General Conditions:

  • To drive a buggy you need a valid driving license in the EU
  • The buggy tours are always accompanied by guides / experienced mechanics
  • Insurance and necessary equipment included
  • Minimum age of 7 years old to participate in the tour.
  • Timetables and routes may be changed for security or availability
  • It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the guide from the safety briefing until the end of the tour
  • Reservations will only be considered as such after payment of 50 % of the total value
  • In case of cancellation up to 10 days before the date of the tour, will be returned the entire amount of reserve. In case of cancellation within 10 days of the tour, will only be returned 50 % of the total booking amount.
  • Payment of the reservation may be made ​​by money, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal
  • Use comfortable clothing suitable to the season.
  • Helmets , hairnets, rain suits and masks for dust ( if necessary ) are included
  • Do not forget your camera!
  • During the tours will be taken photos and videos by our guides. To see them visit our Facebook page
  • If you want to see more videos , visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • You will taste and see how are made regional products that are perfect as a souvenir!


Tips and suggestions :

  • Use comfortable clothing suitable to the season.
  • Helmets , hairnets, rain suits and masks for dust ( if necessary ) are included
  • Do not forget your camera!
  • During the tours will be taken photos and videos by our guides. To see them visit our Facebook page
  • If you want to see more videos , visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • You will taste and see how are made regional products that are perfect as a souvenir !


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