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Monica's Restaurante


Set by the entrance to Vale do Lobo) you will find our most beautiful restaurant, Monica's. We are close enough to all the main golf courses and tourist centres but completely secluded, giving us a very special and unique atmosphere when you visit us. The dress code is very relaxed, so come barefoot or Black Tie, we will be here to look after you.

Historically the Restaurant was set up in the 90's and was always a favourite amongst local residents and visitors to the Algarve. With the years those who still remember and all other new visitors can celebrate with us the return to life of this most needed place. With our sophisticated and well decorated restaurant, a large garden with many different trees and aromas, a rustic cocktail terrace and a cosy fireplace area and even a small kids play area we can offer a vast number of choices for your needs and dreams.

  • Our Philosophy

Your new owners Luis & Monica welcome you to their house with lots of  love. Being from just down the road , this is a place that we know from our childhood and we hold very close to our hearts,

·         Flavours of Monica's Restaurante

Our food is Always fresh and cooked to order to give the freshest and most delicious food possible.

We try to buy locally where possible to contribute to the development, support and survival of our market and find this brings us better quality products for your enjoyment.

·         Weddings & Private Parties

If you have special needs, it is with pleasure that we are here to listen to you and cater for you.

Be it your Birthday, Anniversary, Event, Wedding or other you can count on us to deliver with our gracious team a very special day to you.

We now offer a Menu full of choices for all, with plenty of vegetarian options, and can specially cater for your dietaries requirements.  

Luis & Monica  

Monica's Restaurante

Vale do Lobo, Almancil
Algarve, Portugal

Tel. (00351)  964 850 669



Monica's Restaurante
Vale do Lobo, Almancil
Algarve, Portugal

Tel: (00351)  964 850 669