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Moon Algarve

About Moon Algarve

  • Truly innovative space with rigorous vintage strokes, the Moon is an alternative in good taste and welcoming, transforming and disseminating Glamour.

    Divided by distinct spaces, framed in aesthetic rigor, the Moon has a capacity of 60 seats indoors and 120 outdoors, fully personalized service for dinners and lunch.

    On the outside, the glamorous landscape is marked by the green lawn of the golf field, bar service and a terrace filled with comfort.

    The Moon, presents itself to the public as a space traditionally referenced by a very demanding target, born of an innovative concept in the hospitality industry, with the rigor of traditionalism school American, today is already a reference National tasteful and preferential place for the Social Elite, domestic and foreign in Portugal.

    The Moon traditionally opens during the day and finds itself in the late afternoon with its wonderful sunset, observing the vegetation that fills the golf courses of “Vila Sol."

    A unique, innovative design, a traditional service, Glamour, Italian gastronomy in its exponent creator, our values, that we share with our customers every day, here in this side of the Moon.
  • Moon Vilamoura is bringing something unique to the
  • Algarve. A new concept of Italian cuisine, bar & terrace
  • surrounded by an outstanding atmosphere in Vila Sol Golf
  • Course, rated as the 28th best golf course of Europe.
  • Discover our exceptional environment with an international
  • cocktail & champagne list served by an exclusive staff &
  • International kitchen team, on a garden of great lounge &
  • chillout music will definitely make your body float to the
  • Moon...
  • Join our dream ... to the Moon!


  • Come try our special cocktails and party to the groove of the Moon.

    Open Every day until 02:00am, Fridays and Saturdays until 03:00am


  • Address: Vila Sol Golf Resort,  8125-307 Almancil

    Phone number: 289 308 888


  • Address: Vila Sol Golf Resort,  8125-307 Almancil

    Phone number: 289 308 888