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8. November

Weather in the Algarve in November

Autumn November is generally warm with an average high temperature of 19ºC. November night times, however, can be very chilly at an average low of 13ºC. Rainfall does increase but only to around 50 mm which is unlikely to cause more than a brief inconvenience. It usually falls in brief thunderstorms that come in from the Atlantic. While sunshine levels are good for autumn they are dramatically reduced from the Algarve’s summer sunshine levels. November sees around six hours per day. This is a great time to visit the region to enjoy a sporting holiday rather than a beach bum break, for instance to go walking, sailing or of course golf. There are fewer tourists in this season and accommodation prices are generally lower.

What’s on in November


On 18th November Vila Joya and Chef Dieter Koschina will host the "Rota das Estrelas" and welcome for the first time ever ALL of the Algarve’s Michelin starred Chefs together in our kitchen. This will be a special and unique evening which will focus primarily on Portuguese products. 

Gastronomic Week in Messines

 S. Bartolomeu de Messines is holding the 7th Gastronomic Week from November 28 to December 2. The event, which aims to promote traditional food and local produce such as Silves wine, is being supported by the Messines parish council and Silves Câmara. Musical entertainment by local artists will liven up moods during the event.

St Martin’s Fair in Portimao

Portimão will be celebrating St Martin’s Day from the first until the 18thNovember.The fair of São Martinho at the Parque de Feiras e Exposições. The fair has taken place every year since 1662 and is considered the most ancient and popular event in the city. Visitors to the 350th St Martin’s Fair will have the chance to browse through a total of 84 stalls, selling everything from food, clothes, shoes, household items and toys at bargain prices, purchase the traditional coal-roasted chestnuts as well as enjoy all the fun of the fair thrill rides.

Annual charity chicken dinner and quiz night at Vale Silves Community Centre.

Saturday November 5th.You'll enjoy a lovely meal, entertaining evening and be raising money for charity in the process.
Ticket Price: 15 euros includes entry to the quiz and a two course meal including bread, olives, soup, grilled chicken, chips and salad.
For tickets tel: Victoria Padfield on tel: 289360194
Carol Dawes on mob: 917559034
Email: CarolDawes@gmail.com