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Shooting in Portugal

We will provide a tailor-made shooting experience, created around the needs of individuals and groups.

Set in approx 5000 Acres of untouched and rugged Portuguese countryside ideal for shooting, with sweeping scenery upholding the sense of a truly wild setting.

There is no traditionally bred game, but a 24 hour game keeper treats the area as a reserve with the population of the game sustained through predator control and the provision of feed and water.

The running of the shoot is taken on by English and Portuguese shooting enthusiasts, whose combined knowledge creates a blend between the professionalism of an English shoot and the wild sport in Portugal.

On many drives the partridge are driven over a deep gorge created by the river Fopana, resulting in more challenging high birds.


"Wild birds may be skittish but you can expect them to prove strong and testing in flight." (The Field Magazine December 2011)

Martimcaca approximately 5000 acres of undulating, unspoilt countryside situated 115km from Faro Airport by main road and 28km from The Guadiana river which is the border with Spain. The estate is in the furthest northern point of the Algarve where it joins the Alentejo. The Foupana river runs through the property helping to bring sustainable water to the animal life. The historic towns of Mertola and Alcoutim are both nearby on the Guadiana river.  

Travel takes approximately one and half hours by road or a short trip of 20 minutes by helicopter from Faro Airport and the nearby Helicopter Base. Visitors need to be prepared for both the heat and the occasional rain. The shooting day tends to start early as it can become too warm in the mid afternoon.


On arrival to the Martimcaca lodge you will be greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm and a friendly team of local experts on the area and the shooting to come.

Arrangements for transport, hotels and other activities can be made, as well as the provision of a traditional breakfast and lunch, sourced locally and prepared on site.  

Hotel Guerreirosdorio located in the Algarve on the bank of the Guadiana, Alcoutim with infinity pool and spacious interiors and comfortable where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the river.
The morphology of the building fits in perfect harmony with the environment by taking advantage of its 
 implementation in a rural environment. 

Sporting Activities

Up to 14 Guns can stand on each drive.

Shotguns as well as cartridges can be provided or self-supplied. Help with the transportation of guns will also be offered.

The guns provided are of varying manufacturer, as well as style (both over/under and side by side are at hand.)

Up to 80 beaters are available for each day.

Prices available on request due to the uniquely packaged nature of the shoot.

Portugal has become increasingly renowned as a destination for wild partridge shooting, as indicated in 'The Field' magazine, which highlights the fact that `Portugal may be known as a golf destination but this is selling the country shamefully short. We found great sport and wild country that, perhaps luckily, has been living in the shadow of its bigger neighbour until now. The infrastructure and the easy flights, which were developed to aid the package holiday-maker and the golfer, can now be exploited by guns in search of wilder, better game.

Season begins: Early September

Ends: Late January

(dates dependant on local climate) 

Airport Transfers

From Faro Airport

You may want to transfer either by taxihire car or helicopter. Let us know your preference and we will arrange it for you.





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