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Propaint provides a top quality service for professional painting, decorating and surface protection.

We are personally managed privately owned company and our main focus is long lasting satisfaction of our clients. Our trademark is a personal service and attention to detail to ensure excellent results.

The very best products and service from our professional team is your guarantee for peace of mind.

Services we offer are:

Exterior painting and surface protection, Interior painting, Special effects, Spray painting, Wallpapering, Metalwork & Woodwork and Power washing.

We are also the supplier of STO Paint in the Golden Triangle.

This is a top quality ECO friendly paint which can be mixed in any colour and delivered to you within days.

Our Painting Process:

Proposal Stage:

A face to face and personal consultation(s) to discuss your needs and wishes. After the inspection and measurements of surfaces and a selection of colour we will provide you with a detailed proposal.

Start of project:

A thorough walk through with you (or your representative) to confirm scope of work, colour selection etc. Equipment and vehicles will only be set up and parked in areas designated by you whilst work areas will be kept clean and tidy for the duration.

Project Stage:

We will use only premium quality materials and professional well trained personnel during the project. The importance of surface preparation is continually recognized and will be thorough and complete during all stages. For projects of longer duration, you will receive regular updates and progress reports.

Completion of Project:

Ample time will be allowed, a day or so before completion for you to inspect the work and to satisfy yourself that the work has been executed as agreed and to your entire satisfaction.

Professional Colour Consultation

Propaint works with the Natural Colour System (NCS).

The New NCS 1,950 Original Collection is the most complete colour sample collection on the market. All the samples are of high quality in colour accuracy and with a wide range of 1,950 colours. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right colour for your home.

NCS Colour Program

If you are not quite sure which colour to choose we have just the tool to help you. We can take apicture of your house or just a room and with a special computer program we can instantly show you the finished result in a different colour. This is a quick and efficient way to help you decide on a new colour for your home and give you peace of mind that you have made the right choice.

NCS Colour Scanner

We also work with the NCS colour scanner, which is a unique, time-saving and practical colour reader! NCS Colour San is a mobile electronic colour card.

It contains all the 1,950 NCS Original colours.

If you already have an existing colour in your house or want to match a colour from your interior decoration we can quickly and easily find the neatest NCS colour with the NCS scanner.

Exterior Maintenance Service Plan

Once Propaint has painted the exterior of your villa we can keep it looking good for years to come.

Our Exterior Maintenance Service Plan is for homeowners who want their paintwork to look fresh for longer.

We will schedule a visit once a year to review the paint job to make sure the paint is holding up.

This will help spot potential problems before they become major issues.

As well as, touching up the paintwork of your villa we will also power wash the terraces and any other areas that need a thorough clean.

Power washing is an excellent method of removing dirt, mould and mildew which causes the deterioration of the exterior surfaces.

With the yearly service plan we will keep the exterior of your villa looking fresh for longer and extend the number of years before a full repaint is needed.

A price for the exterior maintenance plan will be calculated per project.

The Propaint Team

Propaint is a personally managed privately owned company and we focus all our efforts and attention on your project from start to finish.

Andy Sproll is the owner and manager of the company. After completing a 3 year painting and decorating course in Germany, Andy studied fine arts in Basel, Switzerland. He then went on to do his Masters Degree for Business and Painting/Decorating in Germany.

When he finished his studies Andy went to Zurich and worked for many years as a manager for a large company that specialized in painting and decorating as well as project management.

However, when he discovered the warm climate and the beauty of Portugal he decided to set up his own business in the Algarve. Applying his painting knowledge with his artistic skills and the Swiss work mentality has proven to be a huge success.

The Propaint team has been hand picked and personally trained by Andy to ensure that all the staff can provide superior quality work and outstanding customer service.

Our multi-lingual team can assist you in Portuguese, English, German and Dutch.


ProPaint Lda.

Apartado 3699

8136-908 Almancil

Andy Sproll or Nicole Kranendonk

Email: info@propaintpt.com

Website: http://www.propaintpt.com

Telephone: (00351) 918 885 395



ProPaint Lda.

Apartado 3699

8136-908 Almancil

Andy Sproll or Nicole Kranendonk

Email: info@propaintpt.com

Website: http://www.propaintpt.com

Telephone: (00351) 918 885 395