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Algarve Yoga

Welcome to Algarve Yoga

Algarve Yoga is pleased to be in partnership with The Simply Key Club. For details of our great offer to members of The Simply Key Club please click on http://www.simplykeyclub.com/Sport/algarve_yoga.htm Your Key to the central Algarve.


Yoga in the Algarve connects your body, mind and soul together with sunshine, ocean and vibrant people. Come and experience Yoga in a serene environment where you will be encouraged to connect to your inner spirit. Yoga is our inspiration. We incorporate Yoga, Surfing, Detox, Ayurveda Nutrition & Cooking, Hormone Yoga as well as Massage and Personal Coaching into our Yoga Retreats.

My name is Diana Jost (also Padma 'Lotusflower'). I am a Yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner, nutritionist, massage therapist, a personal trainer and a life coach. I have been teaching Yoga for 12 years and began Algarveyoga in 2008. We are now in our fifth year offering Yoga Holidays and Yoga Retreats. Come and experience the beauty of Yoga with me. I would love to help you further your practice so you can journey inward to a personal pond where your potential will blossom like the leaves of the lotus flower.

Yoga Retreats in 2013

Yoga Surf Holiday

Mar 24 - Mar 30

Yoga Detox Retreat

Apr 14 - Apr 20

Yoga Detox Retreat

May 19 - May 25

Yoga Surf Holiday

Jun 02 - Jun 08

Yoga Detox Retreat

Jun 16 - Jun 22

Hormone Yoga Retreat

Jun 30 - Jul 06

Yoga Surf Holiday

Jul 07 - Jul 13

Yoga Detox Retreat

Jul 14 - Jul 20

Yoga Surf Holiday

Jul 21 - Jul 27

Yoga Surf Holiday

Jul 28 - Aug 03

Yoga Detox Retreat

Aug 04 - Aug 10

Yoga Surf Holiday

Aug 11 - Au 17

Yoga Detox Retreat

Sep 01 - Sep 07

Yoga Surf Holiday

Sep 15 - Sep 21

Yoga Detox Retreat

Sep 29 - Oct 05

Yoga Detox Retreat

Oct 27 - Nov 02


The lotus flower emerges from the mud and finds its way through murky water. It has to deal with the uncertainty in darkness; it has to deal with current… but the stronger the current, the stronger the stem. The lotus knows that there will be a surface; there will be the light above the water where it blossoms in its full potential.

Algarve Yoga Retreat Holidays

The Algarve is an idyllic setting for Yoga and Yoga inspired holidays. Here in southern Portugal, the rolling brush covered hills retire at the seaside forming a vivid and dramatic coast line. Our Yoga Holidays connect with the natural beauty happening around us. Yoga Retreats and Yoga Holidays

The Yoga Retreat Centres:

We currently offer most Yoga Detox retreats at the majestic retreat centre of Monte Velho. Located in the rolling hills of St. Vincent Natural Park (Carrapateria), Monte Velho sits on the western edge of Portugal and overlooks the great Atlantic ocean. Life in Monte Velho is kept down to earth, though it is a first class resort with a large Yoga hall, sauna and steam room. The Monte Velho bungalows are very cosy and warm with comfortable beds. It is your decision if you want to stay in a single room or share a room with a fellow yogi. All the rooms at Monte Velho are en suite and are cleaned every day by the Monte Velho staff.

The Yoga Surf Holiday, the Hormone Yoga Retreats and some of the Yoga Detox Retreats will be held at Casa Douro. Situated in the hills of southern Portugal, near the many south coast beaches, Casa Douro is a lovely and quaint location for a yoga holiday. The estate belongs to a Swiss artist and her colourful taste is evident throughout the guesthouse. The rustic country setting is perfect for meditation and relaxation, while the surrounding gardens are lush with vegetation. Single rooms, double rooms and dormitory housing are available at Casa Douro. The house comfortably sleeps twelve people.

Both estates are rooted in nature, and both are wonderful locations to practice a perfect Yogic lifestyle. Both retreat centres are within walking/cycling distance to the ocean (30 - 60 minutes walking, 5 - 7 minutes by car). In all retreats we offer very delicious and wholesome vegetarian food made from regional fresh produce purchased mostly from local farmers markets. We stay away from wheat, life yeast, refined sugars (except local honey), coffee, black tea, alcohol, meat, fish and processed foods.

We do highly recommend that you stay clear of any toxic activities that interfere with the high-energy build up to your yoga holiday program. We do ask that our clients refrain from taking alcohol, nicotine or any other drugs for the duration of your stay, especially in the yoga detox holiday.

We promise to offer first class service (in accommodation, yoga, food and all other activities) All meals are included. It is a holiday where you can truly come and relax. No cooking, no washing up, no organizing and you don't even need an alarm clock.

In order to confirm your space we ask for a 50 % reservation deposit .Nowadays many of our retreats / holidays fill up, so it is advisable to secure your spaces early. Our Yoga Retreats begin on Sunday evening at 6pm (arrival time between 3 and 6pm) and finish Saturday morning after breakfast (10am). The closest airport to fly too is Faro, 1.15 hours to Casa Douro, and 1.30 hours to Monte Velho.

Airport Transfers and airline tickets are not included in the price. Please use the enquiry form to contact us for airport transfer solutions. The accommodation, meals, classes, courses, equipment etc. are included in the package price.

Personal coaching

Have you ever thought of spending five days with your personal: yoga teacher, detox coach, nutritionist, ayurvedic practitioner and cook, trainer or life coach? If you’re willing to learn a lot in a short time and concentrate on yourself, come to Portugal and spend five days with me on your personal development. You will stay in a beautiful room with ensuite facilities overlooking the Algarve’s Atlantic Ocean. During your stay pure and healthy foods will be prepared for you. You will leave with a detoxed healthy body and a detoxed happy heart!

Spend five days with your….

personal yoga teacher. Practice asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation, Concentrate on your level, on what your body and mind needs

personal detox coach. Complete an intense detox/fasting programme. Expel the toxic wastes that accumulate in your body and mind

….personal nutritionist, ayurvedic practitioner and cook. Learn how to eat according to your body type. Learn about ayurvedic cooking and good vegetarian food

personal trainer. Work intensely on your fitness and body shape; toning, strengthening, stretching and reaching your limits

personal life coach. Discuss your current situation. Clarify your aims and aspirations.

Develop solutions

Design your own programme. If you wish to combine more than one of the above subjects .If you still can’t make up your mind, don’t worry. We will find a combination to suit you


When I was first given a yoga book, it felt as if someone had given me a guidebook for the path to my life. The five principals of yoga: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking/meditation, all fitted me just right. I later qualified as a Yoga Teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in Austria. My teaching nowadays is based on the sequence of Sivananda Yoga, but I am inspired by many other teachers and therefore have put my own style, concentrating most on the flow of the breath. Yoga (the union between one’s individual consciousness and the universal consciousness) has brought a lot of health and happiness into my life. This is what I love to pass on to my students: an inspiration to their own path of health and happiness.

I teach yoga in different retreats in the Algarve, I teach yoga for surfers, I give yoga workshops and I run local yoga classes twice a week (see details below):

Local classes Location: Monte Rosa in Barão Sao João

Time: Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30 @ Monte Rosa


9 Euros per class for drop-ins

7 Euros for regular drop-ins

6 Euros for regulars (card of 5 classes, valid 3 months)

Everybody is welcomed to the classes. The level of tuition is adjusted to the experience of the students.

For the weeks while I'm running the yoga retreats, other teachers (Claire or Tony) usually replace the classes:

Private one-to-one classes in the local area are charged at 40 Euros per hour.

Ayurveda / Nutrition

I do believe that ‘I am what I eat’ and, therefore, pay particular attention to the food that I put into my body. Many physical and mental disorders of the western modern population are caused by incorrect eating habits. They can, however, be cured with a proper diet. I am an ayurvedic nutritionist and a western nutritionist. For me it works best to combine the principals and wisdom of the 5000 year old ayurvedic philosophy with its different constitutions (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) adjusted for western people in the modern world.

A nutrition consultation consists of:

• Ayurvedic body diagnosis (pulse, tongue, skin, hair, nails, urine etc.)

• Definition of ayurvedic constitution through talking about life, habits, characteristics etc.

• Analysis of current diet • Food plan according to constitution and disorders

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Almaverde, Burgau or wherever suitable

Price: 50 Euros

My basic nutrition believes:

• cold, dry, thin constitutions with restless mind (Vata) should eat warm, lubricating,• ‘down to earth’- food • Hot, oily constitution with and easily irritable mind (Pitta) should eat cooling food • Heavy, moist constitutions with a lethargic mind (Kapha) should eat dry and light food • Eat mostly alkaline producing food, cut down on acidic food • Eat mostly fresh food, avoid any processed / junk food • Cut down on white flour, refined sugar and yeast products. • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables but also all other colours. Best eaten raw • (if your digestive system allows) • Eat simple, don’t mix too many things • Make up most sure that you have regular bowel movement (not too much, not too little) • Take food as your medicine, avoid great consumption of supplements • Eat according to the season and only the best of what grows in your area • Only have one meal of high proteins per day (best non-animal) • Eat plenty of sprouted seeds, nuts, grains, beans, and sea vegetables • Drink before or after eating, but not during • Eat low sugar, low salt • Drink no more than 2 coffees/tea per day, but plenty of herbal teas and pure water • If you eat dairy products, strictly eat biological


As a massage therapist, I provide: Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage and Watsu.

Thai Yoga Massage A unique and powerful rhythmic massage, combining Yoga therapy, gentle assisted Yoga stretching, acupressure, energy work and meditation

Indian Head Massage A beautiful gentle massage on the shoulders, neck, head and face to manipulate energy channels in order to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of these areas

Watsu A gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water. It combines elements of shiatsu, massage, joint mobilisation, muscle stretching, dance and meditation.

Location: Almaverde, Burgau Duration:

Thai Yoga - 60 mins

Indian Head - 45 mins

Watsu - 45 mins


Thai Yoga - 50 Euros

Indian Head - 40 Euros

Watsu - 50 Euros

Workshops I give talks, workshops and courses in different retreats or yoga holiday locations. • Yoga / Ayurveda • Ayurvedic / Vegetarian cooking classes • Nutrition • Thai Yoga Massage courses Locally, I can also be booked for catering (events, parties or other occasions). I cook either ayurveda food or vegetarian gourmet dishes for 4 – 15 people.
































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Algarve Yoga is pleased to be in partnership with The Simply Key Club. For details of our great offer to members of The Simply Key Club please click on http://www.simplykeyclub.com/Sport/algarve_yoga.htm Your Key to the central Algarve.


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