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Quinta Paraiso Alto

Quinta Paraiso Alto

Welcome to QPA Riding Centre!

QPA is set in beautiful country side with endless tracks, breathtaking views and in a place that has the most hours of sunshine in Europe! In other words; the perfect place to go horse riding!


We offer everything from one hour hacks to four day adventures, private lessons and even pony rides for the little ones!


Our horses are suitable for all standards: beginners will enjoy a quiet hack through our rivers and valleys and experienced riders will love the feeling of freedom as we gallop up one of the many hills. We only take out small groups and you will be looked after by one of our experienced guides and/or instructors.


Here you will find all the information you need for all the hacks and rides we have on offer.


About QPA


  • QPA Horse Riding Centre has been an established riding school and trekking centre since 1992. What was once a bare field is now not only home to Jinny Harman – owner of QPA – but also to more than 20 horses and a few dogs! QPA has a variety of horses from the trustworthy school ponies to competition horses to suit everyone’s standards and abilities. We offer a variety of rides and lessons as well as Saturday Pony Club for our younger riders. At QPA, safety is of the utmost importance. Hats will be supplied with ABRS standard requirements, even boots and chaps if required. The centre has comprehensive insurance for riders. Our guides and helpers are multi lingual: Portuguese, German and Dutch spoken.


Just some of the things QPA can offer:


  • A variety of quality rides and competition horses
  • Lessons from qualified instructors
  • See the breathtaking views from horseback
  • See wild flowers and rare birds
  • Rides to suit all standards, individually or in small groups
  • Return for a swim in the pool
  • Leave non riders by the pool
  • Cool summer evening rides
  • Horses taken for livery and for training
  • Riding holidays with or without accommodation
  • Riding for the disabled


Riding Rates


(ABRS standard hats are provided and all our rides are guided by one of QPA’s staff members)


1 hour ride – €30

A great way to see Portugal’s beautiful country side and reach places no vehicle can go! This ride is suitable for all levels; beginners can go for a walk through the valley and rivers on one of our quiet horses and experienced riders can come for a blast up to the windmill!


2 hour ride – €50

Allows you to see that little bit more than the one hour ride… Ride through our valley, rivers and hills, amongst cork trees, pine forests and lovely tracks shaded by large eucalyptus trees. If you are lucky you may even see a wild boar! We only recommend riders with some experience ride for 2 hours; however please do enquire if you think you can handle it!


(Each additional hour €20)


Pony ride – €12

For the little ones! About 20 minutes of riding around our farm with lots of other ponies to see along the way.


Private Lessons – €25 (per half hour)

Lessons are held in our sand school and taught by one of our qualified instructors. Great for complete beginners wanting to learn how to ride properly, but also for those who want to brush up on a bit of dressage or jumping. We have horses for all levels.


Restaurant Ride – €90

Approximately 3 hours of riding through our stunning country side with a lunch stop along the way! Lunch is at local restaurant Solar do Pincho where cook Sandra will have several local specialities ready for you, along with a beer or a glass of vinho verde. The ride back is short and easy so you can properly indulge in the traditional Portuguese delicacies. Price includes lunch. Experienced riders only.


Picnic Ride – €80

Approximately four hours of riding with a stop at the Barragem da Bravura lake. Our horses LOVE to swim so you will experience the feeling of floating in the water as our horses do the swimming! Someone will meet you there with a good picnic lunch and your bag with a towel and perhaps some dry clothes to change into!


Two Day West Coast Stopover – €200 (including breakfast and lunch)

A fantastic two day ride leaving QPA in the morning, picnic lunch along the way and ending up at Carapateira. Approximately 4 hours of riding on the first day, through pine forests, high climbs with amazing views and the final stretch through the valley of 16 river crossings. Overnight stay at a farmhouse with homegrown dinner cooked by your host. Day two starts with a BEACH GALLOP along Bordeira beach and then a 5 hour ride back to QPA, stopping for a snack and a drink in Bordeira village on the way. This is our shortened version of the popular Four Day West Coast Ride! This is for experienced riders.


Four Day West Coast Ride – €665

Our famous Four Day West Coast Ride will give you an unforgettable experience on horseback. Four days of riding through breathtaking countryside with views you will remember forever.


One Week Riding Holiday – €975

The ultimate horse riding experience! A minimum of 15 hours of riding arranged according to your level and preference. Suitable for all standards: learn to ride or join us on our amazing rides!




Fancy more than just an hour in the saddle?  We are also happy to put together a tailor-made programme to suit the individual or group.


7 Day Holiday


Enjoy a full week in the Algarve, with a guaranteed minimum of 15 hours riding over 5 days.


4 day west coast ride


We have created this lovely ride for you to see the amazing variety of scenery in the largely unknown part of the Western Algarve.


West Coast Stopover


Don’t have 4 days? Enjoy the 2 day West Coast Stopover, including a gallop along the beach!


3 Day Beginner Course


Learn to ride in the beautiful Algarve


Liveries & Training




We are in a perfect position to offer facilities for you to keep your horse at livery with the highest standard of stable management, lots of room for daily turnout and the best hills and valleys for riding. We guarantee to look after your horse and he/she can either live out or come into a stable at night. All our stabled horses have a daily turn-out of approximately 8 hours in one of our fields or paddocks.


Our livery price includes:


- Horse feed (mix according to your horses needs, including sugar beet and chaff), as well as hay/haylage, fed   twice a day. - Fresh water topped up throughout the day - Lunch: lucerne cubes (and/or more mix if required) - If stabled at night: daily muck out and fresh bedding - Turn out - Rug changes - Free guide to show you our many tracks and help you get to know the area. - Medical care if and when required.


Not included in the livery price but services provided:


- Farrier: Our local farrier Paulo is an expert at his job and will look after your horse’s feet. - Vet service: In the unfortunate event your horse requires veterinary care we have a choice of two fantastic vets who will come out to take care of your horse. We will provide any follow-up care. - Exercise: If you can’t exercise your horse enough we can help! Hacks, schooling, lungeing, please contact us for pricing.


Going on holiday?


Why not give your horse a holiday as well! We will look after your horse whilst you are away.




With many years of experience teaching riders from the beginning through to competition standard either as a package holiday, three-day beginner course or just to brush up on forgotten skills, QPA has the horses and instructors to help you. QPA trained horses regularly compete nationally in show jumping, dressage and endurance rides. We have an excellent sand school, wonderful riding country and endless sunny days.


Need help training your own horse? We have years of experience in training and backing youngsters, challenging horses and bringing your horse to that next level. Need to get your horse fit? Nothing better than the hills around the farm! We have good track record on endurance riding for precisely that reason!




Make an enquiry
Make an enquiry